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Today, I went back to school after being excused for almost 3 weeks due to Covid-19, and even if I’m still being excused, I decided to join the class to not miss anything before our final examinations in two weeks.

I am 28 years old, an only child. Some of…

Image Credit: Pinterest // tulips symbolizes rebirth

Sometimes I wonder how true is “see you soon?”

Is it a lie like how I believed that Santa was real?

Was it something my mind just makes to justify how I feel?

Will I really see you soon at the end of it all?

Or should I say a…

As a former architecture student, law school wasn’t even in my plan when I was in college but things have their own way of paddling the course for you — with the recommendation of my dad, I shifted to political science and eventually took up law school.

What you’re used…


Law student and a paralegal. A writer. Interested in human behavior, social sciences and philosophy. Delving into music and entertainment.

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